"From the first moment I met Ashley Cooper in the fall of 2008 I knew she was special … a gift to behold … a gift that once unwrapped offered endless possibilities.  Ashley cares deeply about children and possesses a heartfelt desire to help adults connect with and care for children. She is HIGHLY organized so her training sessions flow seamlessly as materials are ready and her timing is flawless so that her content can be delivered within the allotted time frame. As she opens her heart she shares her knowledge of and passion for Conscious Discipline within the minds and souls of every one of her participants thus inspiring REAL, transformational change. She possesses on-target knowledge of and first-hand experience with implementing Conscious Discipline into her kindergarten classroom as well as both throughout Underwood Elementary and within the lives of her own children, Kaylee and Ashton, and many of Underwood’s families. She continues to provide ongoing support, modeling and coaching with teachers and parents to weave Conscious Discipline into both their classrooms and their daily lives with children. 

Ashley Cooper is truly one-of-a-kind … both an inspirational educator and parent! She is an incredibly knowledgeable educator and parent who has the capacity to truly connect with others. Her capacity and desire to share her gifts with others creates opportunity for those adults who are struggling with children to make critical, life-changing connections with children. I am proud to be part of Ashley Cooper’s journey with Conscious Discipline for she is helping each of us become the person we want our children to be!"    -Kim Hughes, Master Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

"Ashley creates engaging presentations for parents and teachers that inspire them to step away from traditional methods of working with children that have often left them exasperated, for the more research based Conscious Discipline that support true change. Her thoughtful and professional approach to her work result in quality rich presentations that win over even the most reluctant in her audience. She is hard-working and always solidly prepared for her time presenting, but also totally accessible for follow up support."        - Jacqueline Jordan, (Former) Principal, Underwood Elementary, WCPSS

"Ashley has done multiple Conscious Discipline workshops at our preschool over the past two years.    She is an energetic and engaging presenter.  Ashley tailored her presentations to meet our needs and was able to give our staff information in fun, memorable ways.  She has not only taught us how to use Conscious Discipline techniques, but has also helped us understand why this approach works and why the connections we are creating are so essential to the development of our children.  Ashley is a tremendous resource for parents and educators that wish to meet the social and emotional needs of children."                                                                                                     -Angie Keith, Director of Cary Presbyterian Preschool, Cary, NC

"I was introduced to Conscious Discipline seven years ago as a student teacher in Ashley's kindergarten classroom.  During my internship, I was able to see this transformational program in action each day in a wide range of activities and settings.  Ashley has truly internalized the powers of Conscious Discipline and is able to seamlessly embed the skills into her interactions with children. Her knowledge, modeling, and implementation provided a solid foundation for the approaches I now use in my own classroom.  Her guidance and ongoing support over the years has been a valuable resource to me for which I am forever grateful."                                                                      -Jordan Lane, Former Teacher, WCPSS

"My husband and I attended Conscious Discipline parent workshops every month during our son's first grade school year led by Ashley Cooper. Thanks to Ashley and her efforts supporting the staff in school-wide implementation, his daily classroom experiences also incorporated Conscious Discipline.  Having continuity between home and school in our approach to behavior was very important to our family.  I was so enlightened to learn about the "brain states" as well as when and how to talk to others based on the behaviors they are displaying.  We learned so much that five years later, we are still using these techniques such as breathing, conflict resolution and decision-making. I now work in the same school and see evidence every day of the positive effects Conscious Discipline is having on the students and staff when used throughout the school community as a whole."                                                                     -Beth Hardison, Parent

"Through her skills with Conscious Discipline, Ashley is able to bring a positive note into the most difficult of circumstances.  Her ability to help me reflect has made a great impact on my teaching and the success of my students."                                                                                                                                                 -Star Davis, Teacher, WCPSS                                                                                                                                              

"I met Ashley early on in my journey with Conscious Discipline. We connected quickly based upon common core values and beliefs about how Conscious Discipline positively impacts families, schools, and communities.  What I love most about Ashley is her ability to listen to the entire situation, process the challenges, and make research based recommendations that work. As teachers we are often too close and too involved with situations to problem solve them on our own. Her knowledge of how the brain operates and ability to see things from the perspective of an educator, trainer, and parent of young children herself, gives her a well-rounded, well-trained, universal viewpoint that allows her to make extremely helpful and highly successful recommendations. I am so grateful to have Ashley help me to grow as an educator and advocate for young children. I am a better teacher because of the support and encouragement that she gives me to continue connecting with the children and adults that I work with."                     -Sarah Catherine Rhodes, Preschool Teacher, WCPSS

"Ashley's positive energy and expertise on the benefits of implementing Conscious Discipline have made a lasting contribution to our Kindergarten program and school as a whole.  She builds genuine relationships with staff and checks in frequently to support our needs and growth as individuals and as a staff.  Through Ashley's continued guidance, my classroom is a safe, positive place where students feel nurtured and supported as they practice the skills of self-regulation.  Ashley is such a warm and engaging educator who is invested in the well-being of all children and we look forward to continuing our learning journey with her."                                                                       -Rhonda Miller, Teacher, WCPSS

"As a fourth year teacher, I was seeking a new way to handle challenging behavior in my classroom.  After being introduced to  Conscious Discipline and practicing its implementation in my classroom, my mindset and approach have been transformed.  Both my students and I work together to reflect and respond to situations in our classroom that would normally send most educators "over the edge."  Ashley's willingness to help me understand the powers and skills of Conscious Discipline, along with providing ongoing modeling and coaching, have empowered me to feel more confident in my abilities to promote a safe, connected learning environment for all my students."                       -Amanda Gary, Teacher, WCPSS


Anonymous workshop feedback:

  • "Thank you for sharing so much of yourself in your trainings. Conscious Discipline is making a difference in my classroom."

  • "You have changed so much for me in my personal life, especially with my oldest son. I have learned to think differently about how to talk and help him."